Hello! I reached my goal yay! Well, I know it’s not too much but I want you guys to know that I’m very very thankful for this and I said a lot of times that I was going to post my psd for gifs but I decided posting more than just one. This is so important to me, thank you for being the best followers ever, thank you for being so nice to me, thank you for everything. <3 I worked so hard on this so it’d be really nice if you like/reblog if you download it.

The pack contains:

  • 2 psds for pictures and 1 psd for the m&g pictures
  • 1 psd for gifs (I’m only posting this because it’s the only one I use, but depending on the video, you’ll need to adjust some layers)
  • My action for gifs (I’m not posting an action for edits because the only thing I do is sharpen then and fade them depending on the picture)
  • A gif tutorial
If you have any questions, just ask me.
I’m really grateful. Thank you for everything, I love you all <3 (DOWNLOAD)


I made this psd specially for M&G for the neon lights tour. I don’t know if works on other picture but you can try. Please like this post before downloading, Thanks!



  • This contains the music video “La la land”. Please like this post before downloading, Thanks!
  • Quality: 720



Hey guys! In my gif tutorial I promised post a pack with a few psd when reach my 10k followers but I couldn’t so now I reached the 11K+ beautiful followers and I’m posting. Maybe it’s not a big pack or whatever but it’s my work and I would appreciate if you like or reblog the post if you download it :)

  • contains: 

- 3 psds for pictures (examples here, here, here)

- 3 psds for gifs  (examples here, here, here)

- simple action for gifs (examples here and here)

And also I wanna give you a HUGE thank you for being my friend and support me in bad moments, I am forever grateful. [DOWNLAOD]

Anonymous whispered: demi icons (new) please.

i’m going to make now :)

Anonymous whispered: Where can i download the La La Land in HQ? ._.

i’ll upload and then post it :)

laurenjaureguis whispered: hi i was trying to download this psd and it says the link is invalid? /post/63402406694/psd-02-hi-this-psd-works-on-almost-all-gifs

here :)

Anonymous whispered: you should do more for this blog, seriously ! Is amazing !!!

thank you so much boo<3 i’ll try, i promise! but i don’t have the time like before :/

Anonymous whispered: could you tell me some good demi gallerys? :)

there you go :)

imsodonewithjustinbieber whispered: hiii i just wanted to ask if you could fix the links for the psd 2&4? i tried downloading it on 4shared but it says file not found :\ thank you!

sorry for taking so long to answer you :/ <3

Anonymous whispered: you will post the documentary stay strong?

here you can download :)


This psd works better on candids. Please like this post before downloading, Thanks!

Download ✿

christmas icons

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This psd works better on candids and appearances. Also contains a version B/W. Please like this post before downloading, Thanks!


demi lovato icons

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